Marangoni Machinery is a game changer

When you change the rules, you change the game.

Italian design, ready for the world.

When we start working on an order, we make sure our customer is aware that they are about to change the way they work: the rules introduced by our solutions will bring efficiency, quality, and safety.

Highly performing tire assembly machinery

Usually, our machinery features are better than our customer’s requirements. This is no trivial details, since higher performing machinery means less time needed and a greater production.

And that’s what being a game changer is all about.

A game changer needs less time for setting

If setting up a new tire production requires time for tooling change based on tire dimensions, Marangoni Machinery’s solutions allow skipping most tooling change processes. Our machinery need no tooling change based on tire sizes. They need it just in case of compound change, which is much less frequent than size change.

A game changer turns machinery costs into investments

Every enterprise includes the purchase of new machinery in the “expenses” list. But what if we stop thinking about costs and see machinery as real investments? With Marangoni Machinery it will be easy to start calculating the return you are going to have from every single investment:

  • quicker production
  • higher product compliance to customer’s requirements (= less production waste)
  • higher product quality (= better brand positioning).

A game changer makes planning easier

Nowadays, manufacturers are producing vehicles with an increasing number of customized parts. Tires included. For tire producers, this leads to several smaller production batches.

Working on the production plan of a machinery is much easier if you do not need to include the 4-to-8 hours required by tooling change every time you need to produce different tire sizes.

With Marangoni Machinery solutions, your production adapts to new tire size requirements with no need for any further action. You can simply plan your working days on the basis of the compound you are going to need and make the most of your productivity.

A game changer as a business partner

Our machinery will provide you with more continuity and better planning.

Our engineers will be by your side both while developing your project and after your new tire assembly machinery has started to produce your tires.

Because being a game changer and your business partner is all we want to be.