02. About us

About us



Marangoni Machinery is a brand of Marangoni Meccanica SpA. Since the sixties, this company has been offering the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies to the most demanding tire markets worldwide.


To provide our customers with the most specific, tailor-made and innovative technologies available as a means to streamline and improve their business operations.


To become a global center of excellence in innovation and technology, attracting the very best talents from all around the world.

Marangoni Meccanica now focuses its production solely on tire assembly machinery for sophisticated applications. This adjustment, which sees the concrete involvement of new shareholders, brought about the need to introduce some new members of management and CEO into the structure of this long-running Company, which already boasts many decades of active experience within the tire sector worldwide, as a means to be best equipped for the future challenges worldwide.

Marangoni Meccanica can always guarantee the most state-of–the-art technology and equipment to its clients thanks to the utmost importance it gives to the research and development of all its products and services, something which has always been a focal point for the company; let it be engineering, manufacturing or simply technical assistance, great attention is always given to aspects of innovation and co-operation. From its solid financial position Marangoni Machinery can confidently look to a very prosperous future in an ever-growing market where tires never get tired.