Marangoni Meccanica’s latest technology portfolio

A Torchbearer in Tire-manufacturing Machinery Design and Production

From its Alpha R extruders and applicators (which in the 1980s revolutionized the technology for the application of tread, and of all non-reinforced components) to the high advanced 3 Drum OTR TBMs, Marangoni Meccanica’s latest technology portfolio includes tire assembly machinery, stripwinding machines platform, last-generation tooling, new IT architectures Industry 4.0 and HMI solutions. The company’s team is also available to share factory design solutions and propose customized machinery architectures. “The main challenge customers face is the uncertainty of the future tyre market, regarding, say, the type, size and ‘how many per size’ aspects,” states Mr. Pancher. “The best help we can give to our customers is the flexibility of our machines that, as mentioned earlier, in some cases is higher than the requested by them, simply because they do not know our enabling technologies and so they do not know that something more is possible.”