Getting a Grip

Marangoni Machinery is the lead manufacturer of tire building machinery, and can solve the problems other manufacturers cannot.

Marangoni Machinery is the undisputed worldwide leader in the development and production of large tire building machines. Founded 60 years ago in the North of Italy, it has always strived to serve its customers in the best possible way.

“The largest tire manufacturers in the world come to us,” says Riccardo Mastronardi, CEO of Marangoni Machinery.

Despite being an industry leader, Mastronardi is the first to say that sometimes Marangoni might not be its customers’ first choice.

“If they know what they need they could decide to go to someone cheaper and use more standard/basic machines,” he tells us. “But if they don’t know what they need they come to us. We can find solutions for their complex needs. We are known and valued for our engineering and innovation capabilities. Customers come to us for solutions to complex problems and we’re the only ones able and willing to tackle such complicated challenges.”