Tire building machine

Innovation is a key-factor in our job

Innovation in tire machinery production

To innovate means to introduce new ideas or new ways of doing something.
That’s what we have been working for in Marangoni Machinery in the last 60 years: we never stop researching, testing, studying, analyzing.
Because innovation also means to keep raising the bar, project after project.

The technical challenges in our sector

Tire production processes have changed with the evolution of the entire automotive and OTR industry. Vehicles’ building moved from few, big production lots to several, smaller ones. Each vehicle model mounts a custom tire, and tire producers are required to produce many small tire batches in a very short time. Tooling changes are needed more often and usually take up to 8 hours to be completed.
No wonder tire production planning, now, is much more complex than it was just a few years ago. 

Cooperation and focus

Marangoni Machinery innovation is based on the continuous interactions among the different operative areas. Sales, R&D, Manufacturing, Purchasing: their different and concurrent approach allows us to have a complete understanding of the entire scenario, and to choose the best options to complete each project. The continuous interaction among the areas brings in new chances for improvement. New ideas are the result of this never-ending brainstorming: about how to obtain a higher productivity, reduce production waste, and keep a step ahead in technology.

Innovation requires teamwork

It’s easy to talk about teamwork within a company.
It’s a little bit more complex to really implement teamwork in a company.
We wanted to take a step forward. We work as a team not only within the company, but also with our direct customers, and with the final users of our tires: people who drive the vehicles climbing on the wheels our machines produce. Their feedback, their expectations, their needs: these are the most precious pieces of information we can start any new projects with.